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Our Practice Areas

We will help minimizing your stress for you to move forward.

Dissolution of Marriage (이혼)

With 18 years of practicing law, we will approach each dissolution case with tailored strategies.

Child Custody, Visitation and Support (양육권, 방문권, 양육비)

Be ready with our compassionate team for this one of the most emotionally fraught processes of the dissolution matters.

Spousal Support (배우자 부양비)

We will negotiate a support amount you deserve with your current or former partner, and if needed, bring your spousal support request to the court.

Property Division (재산 분할)

California is a community property state. With extensive experience in tax law and complex property division cases, Sunmin will tirelessly pursue the justest outcome for clients.

Domestic Violence (가정 폭력)

We will help you obtain protection orders against those who have committed acts of violence against you or your loved ones.

Mediation (중재)

When the conflicts of interests do not seem to be resolved easily, we will deal with the opposing party to bring the fairest outcome.

Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreement (혼전 & 혼후 약정서)

Pre-nuptial and/or Post-nuptial agreements have presumptions that are rebuttable and may be ruled invalid or partially invalid. Learn how to invalidate or validate your agreements, depending on your unique situations.

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